Frequently Asked Questions

A property manager handles the entire rental process for you from beginning to end. We will start to work on your behalf the moment that your unit is vacant. Remember, nothing ever breaks until it’s after 5pm on a Friday. When the key goes in the door you become anonymous and we handle phone calls and maintenance requests.

A good property manager markets your unit across multiple platforms. We thoroughly vet all prospective tenants. We conduct a full background check on anyone who is 18 years of age and will be living in the property. We make sure that the tenant we place in your property will treat it with respect and has the means to pay. We verify employment and current housing references as well as national credit and background checks.

TC Rentals and Property Management hires independent maintenance techs to perform any necessary repairs. Often, because we maintain daily relationships with these contractors we can quickly have priority for repairs or maintenance issues. We have worked hard to develop personal relationships with both our vendors and owners, let us help you too.

Our agents at TC Rentals are licensed sales agents in the state of Florida. We can list and sell your property for you if you decide that is the direction you wish to go. Already have a property and want to find additional units? Let us show you where the opportunities are in todays market.

A good property manager should be familiar with the market and current rent trends.  Pricing your unit is a collaboration between you as the owner and our knowledge of the area, current market conditions and tenant budgets. Don’t short yourself, a property manager will follow the real estate market and can appraise you of any potential rent increases on an annual basis.